Your partner in solar project development

Blueberry Energy develops and realises utility-scale solar projects along the entire value chain, offering turn-key project development from idea to completion.

About Us

Blueberry Energy is committed to creating impact for a sustainable tomorrow through harnessing solar power. We focus on the acquisition, development, and financing of utility-scale solar projects in Germany and the rest of Europe.

C&I Customers

We offer customised development solutions tailored to address the sustainability and investment needs of a broad range of commercial & industrial clients. For self-production and self-consumption, whether through single projects or a project platform.


After evaluating your company's distinct consumption patterns and sustainability objectives, we will develop tailored projects specifically for you. To ensure your operations are protected against swings in electricity prices and to ensure you have control over your sustainable energy sources.

Distributed generation & Solar-as-a-service

For companies that prefer a light asset approach, we invest in the ownership of PV systems installed on your premises and supply power under long-term off-take arrangements or alternative operating models.

Acquisition of PV projects

We support companies in acquiring existing assets - from due diligence to taking over the project. 

Institutional investors & Funds

We offer project development solutions to professional investors that are driving the energy transition – whether institutional investors & funds, family offices or HNWI.

Institutional investors & Funds

Depending on the risk profile and investment mandate, we develop solar projects to agreed investment specifications or can assist with opportunities to acquire operating plants.

Family offices & HNWI

We likewise offer tailored solutions to family offices and HNWI to contribute to the energy transition.


Foundations are starting to discover the potential that solar project ownership can offer by adding sustainable, long term stable yields to their portfolio. Contact us to learn more.


We live and breathe partnerships – with customers, land owners, and other developers. The energy transition has many stakeholders, and we work hard towards bringing them to the same table. 

Joint Development

We actively pursue development partnerships, to bring the best minds and skills together – to make projects workable, irrespective of location, technical challenges or simply to achieve good risk management.

Cities & communities

All projects are local, first and foremost. Close coordination and integration of the local administration and community is of utmost importance to us.

Local utilities

We offer platform solutions for local utilities and opportunities to expand the generation portfolio - so that local communities benefit from locally produced green power.

Land Holders

Each solar project starts with the right location. We work with land holders in identifying suitable plots for solar land leases on fair and transparent terms.

Agricultural land

Agricultural land with low productivity may be well suited as solar project land, permitting a diversification of income under long-term land leases.

Industrial land

Unused commercial plots can be given a new purpose through solar use – providing new opportunities to monetize an asset that is otherwise no longer generating yield.

Privileged land plots for solar generation

Law makers have recognised certain types of land as privileged for solar project investments. Utilising those privileges can bring benefits to land owners and other project stakeholders.