Institutional investors & Funds

Institutional investors & Funds

We provide project development solutions for institutional investors that focus on climate protection and sustainability investments – catering to funds, family offices, foundations, and other professional investors. As a reliable partner, we are pleased to discuss our development pipeline and explore with you opportunities for investment in greenfield and operational projects. Sustainably and profitably.

Our services for clean energy investors


Depending on the specific risk profile, investment mandate and sustainability objectives, we develop solar projects to agreed investment specifications - as single projects or under a project platform. Our customer-centric approach ensures that the projects meet your specific requirements.

Acquisition of operating projects

For investors that prefer not to take on development risk, we can offer investments in operating solar plants. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss current opportunities.

Development partnerships

We actively pursue development partnerships, to bring the best minds and skills together – to make projects workable, irrespective of location, technical challenges or simply to achieve good risk management.

Direct investments in solar projects for family offices and foundations

Similarly, an investment in a your own solar plant can be interesting for family offices and foundations to generate long-term stable returns, achieve your own sustainability goals, and take advantage of tax benefits and regulatory incentives.

Ground-mounted PV ystems are among the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly producers of renewable energy — both in terms of their efficiency and the operational lifespans of up to 40 years. 

Owning your own solar plant outright can improve returns compared to indirect investments in clean energy, whilst also allowing a higher level of control – even after outsourcing operation and maintenance, as well as insurance externally. 

There are many reasons for considering an investment in solar plants as part of the long-term asset allocation of a family office or foundation.